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EGEE-II: SA3 Activity

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The SA3 Mission

The goal of the activity is to manage the process of building deployable and documented middleware distributions.

This starts by integrating middleware packages from a variety of sources, extends to the configuration management and certification and testing. The testing ensures that released software is as reliable, robust, scalable and as usable as possible.

To achieve its goal, SA3 operates a large distributed testbed.

SA3 works closely with the TCG on selecting new candidate packages for integration into the software stack.

The connection with the SA1 pre-production, operation and deployment groups is essential to ensure that the distribution and configuration tools meet their requirements.

SA3 coordinates the work towards interoperation with other grid infrastructures based on different middleware.

SA3 partners work actively on increasing the number of platforms on which EGEE's middleware is usable.

In close collaboration with SA1 and NA4, some members of SA3, who have more of a developer's profile, work on troubleshooting complex problems and providing "glue" components.

More details on SA3s tasks are provided by the links on the left.

Overview of SA3